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Strengthening the Bond

A Father Daughter Dinner & Dance


Event Date: June 15, 2024

Participating Daughter Ages: 3 & up

Admission Includes:  Dancing, Dinner, Scholastic Education, Celebration & Ceremony

Dress: Semi-Formal/Business Attire

(Royal Blue & White Accent attire suggested for participating daughters)

Event Location:
Enoch Davis Center
1111 18th Ave So.
St. Petersburg, FL. 33705

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With the celebration of the Strengthening the Bond A Father Daughter Dinner, there is also a reasonable effort placed upon accommodating other combinations of both ‘father’ figures and other family members who may wish to attend this Father’s Day Celebration. Even so, while it is named , this event isn't about fathers and daughters exclusively. But rather, more about the emphasis that our fraternity wishes to place upon the strong impact that influential males have in the lives of young ladies.


It is not uncommon for a grandfather, an uncle, a godfather or another trusted male to accompany young girls to such an event. Therefore, this dinner celebration is special-- particularly to those young ladies and their [representative] fathers. To this cause, a special Father’s Day ceremony will be included with this event. Bring your cameras; don’t miss it!  


It is an opportunity to create lasting memories for young girls and also to be accompanied by whatever father figure and family members they care most about. This occasion includes a delicious full course meal, uplifting our beautiful young ladies and providing the backdrop which showcases their importance to each other.  We welcome and encourage the attendance of ALL family members to dine with us and to witness this joyous occasion. Please register above to attend.

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